Day 14 at the 2014 US Open

The US Open is coming to an end and Day 14 is the second to last day, which means Championship Finals matches in Men’s & Women’s Wheelchair, Men’s Quadriplegic Wheelchair, Boys and Girls Juniors and Men’s Doubles Final are all happening on this day. Oh yeah, and the Women’s Singles Final too! Now with four photographers on staff, we had a lot of shooters to post around at all the big matches and so I decided to dedicate myself to the Wheelchair Competition throughout the day.

Every year I get to photograph these unbelievable athletes and admire the work they put in to be so good at tennis. These guys are insanely incredible, and I never cease to have that thought year after year. Since my transition into the night photographer on the team, I see them less frequently than I used to, so I wanted to spend some time capturing their version of this beautiful sport. There is a mix of the Men’s & Women’s Wheelchair Singles Finals and the Quad Wheelchair Finals.

Enjoy the Images!

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Day 13 at the 2014 US Open

The Kei Nishikori train continues to roll on! Today featured the two Men’s Semifinal matchups along with a slew of other Junior and Wheelchair Semifinals and finals. It’s the third last day of the US Open and the action is getting better and better!

While a large portion of my day was spent photographing the US Open Wheelchair Competition (special wheelchair tennis post coming tomorrow!), I also photographed the Men’s semifinal matchup between Novak Djokovic and Kei Nishikori.

Now if you haven’t seen some of my photos of Kei before, he loves to show his emotion, and right about now he has a lot of emotions after winning back to back 4 hour, 5 set matches against the #5 seed Milos Raonic and #3 seeded Stan Wawrinka. Kei became the first asian man to make a Grand Slam Semifinal, in all of history! He had seemed to accomplish the impossible by making his way to the semifinal and now is matched up against the #1 player in the world, Novak Djokovic. Kei came into the match on fire, and he continued that great play against Novak. He took the match in four sets to take him into his first Grand Slam final. What an incredible match to be at and to see such dominance on the hard courts of Flushing Meadows!

Congrats Kei on your incredible run and showing your great tennis game and personality to the world! Enjoy the Images!

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Day 12 at the 2014 US Open

Drama has been building and today it was prevalent in every match! In addition to the drama, the emotions and tensions were as high as the blistering heat today. We knew we were in for a ride. Today I photographed the Mixed Doubles Final along with the two women’s semifinal match ups. Sania Mirza and Bruno Soares ended up taking the final in a third set super tiebreak, starting the day with a high strung first match. Congratulations to my fellow Brazilian Bruno Soares on your US Open title!

Then it was the women’s turn to take the main stage: first up, Caroline Wozniacki trying to make her second US Open Final and Shuai Peng, an unseeded freight train moving through the tournament. This is where the day’s drama really picked up. The first set was very even and Caroline ended up taking the set in the tiebreak. The second set was equally as tight until Shuai Peng started suffering from heat illness. Despite this forcing her to retire the match, Caroline came over to make sure that Shuai was ok. Peng made a healthy recovery, but unfortunately missed out on the chance to make a Grand Slam Final. Next time Shuai!

Finally, it was Serena time. It this is what we all expected. Serena rolled over Ekaterina Makarova and won the match in exactly one hour. It was yet another dominant display that puts Williams levels above all of the other women in the game right now. What a dominant force!

Enjoy the Images!

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Night 11 at the 2014 US Open

Wow. That’s pretty much all that can be said about the Quarterfinal matchup that the world witnessed on Night 11. The match featured Gael Monfils taking on the 5 time US Open Champion Roger Federer.

Now I’ve proclaimed numerous times that Monfils is my favorite player and I have hoped to see him make a big run deep into the tournament since I started photographing the US Open 6 years ago. This was the year! He was taking care of business match after match, while still having some fun along the way of course. Now it was time for him to meet the great Roger. I came into this match with reserved expectations, with the hope and belief that Monfils could win with something really special. It was special.

Monfils came out on fire and dominated the first two sets of the match and took it to Roger. He was breaking Federer’s serve, he was moving around the court well and had good shot selection. He made it almost through the third set and got two match points against Roger. He didn’t convert on those match points and it was all downhill for Monfils after that. Classic Roger was awoken from his apparent slumber and it was game time. Roger roared back after those two match points to push the match to a 5th set. At this point, whether you’re a tennis fan or not, you know what Roger does in clutch situations: dominates. I hate seeing “my man” go down but you can’t ever argue with seeing Federer in his element.

I kept these photos in sequential order so you can feel the emotions of the match as they happened. Enjoy the Images!

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Night 10 at the 2014 US Open

Tonight is the second to last night session, which means we are very close to the end of the tournament. If that wasn’t clear enough, then the fact that today featured two Men’s and two Women’s Quarterfinal match ups. I was fortunate to cover three of them, but the big one today was Novak Djokovic vs. Andy Murray.

This was obviously a really fun match to be at and watch, and though Djokovic’s three set win may look convincing, it didn’t seem that way on court the whole match. Both players were emotionally invested into the match which leads to a great match!

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the moon has been something I can look up to (literally) during the matches, and so I incorporated into the Djokovic backhand service return image (third photo). Tonight also left the area with clear skies, for a perfect sunset behind New York City. The view of the city from Arthur Ashe Stadium is stunning and every year it amazes me.

Enjoy the Images!

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Night 9 at the 2014 US Open

Well, it’s getting late in the tournament and so now we start to see what these players are truly made of. The former champions and top players need to continue to prove their worth and the challengers need to keep producing to raise their stock. Tonight featured second seeded Roger Federer playing seventeen seeded Roberto Bautista Agut in a fourth round matchup and number 10 seeded (former #1) Caroline Wozniacki playing the small thirteen seeded Sara Errani in a Quarterfinal!

One would think that this late in the tournament that every match should be a strong battle, but tonight was not this way. Remember the Super Bowl last year and how the Seahawks manhandled the high powered, dominant Broncos. That is how the matches went tonight. They were very quick and lopsided. Nonetheless the photos must be taken and so here are my images from the matches!

PS: The sky has been clear the past few nights and I have found myself admiring the beauty of the moon through my giant lens, each and every crater creating such a dynamic set of grays.

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Night 8 at the 2014 US Open

So tonight I came into work, and the day session was on time, and so it looked like it was going to be an easier night of tennis, with only two matches to cover. Little did we know that we were heading into a record tying night!

After Azarenka came back from dropping the first set to beat Aleksandra Krunic, we were slated to see Kei Nishikori play Milos Raonic. Now these guys are almost opposites. Milos is quite large, has a very powerful serve and was more of a ground stroke player. Nishikori was quick and agile, and this extended the match into the wee hours of the morning.

This was a 5 set match that lasted 4 hours and 19 minutes and ended at 2:26 am. This tied the latest match ever in US Open history and it was worth the sacrifice of sleep! It was a roller coaster ride for the fans and players alike, with the players alternating wins of the first 4 sets and Nishikori outlasting Milos in the 5th. The stadium was mostly empty, with maybe a thousand (or two at max) fans sticking around until the end. There was a very heavy Japanese presence in the stands, and in the photo areas (the Japanese media shows up with force to the US Open every year!)

Here are a glimpse of images of Kei Nishikori and what his night was like! Hope you enjoy the images!

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Night 7 at the 2014 US Open

So today, mother nature decided to make an appearance, as always. The rain came down in the middle of the afternoon, delaying all of the matches. Coming into work we initially thought it was going to be a long night, but the tournament directors decided to split up the matches onto all of the available TV show courts. This split the other photographers and me to different matches, allowing us to spend more time at each match. I covered the Men’s 3rd Round matches.

First was a delayed match between Roger Federer and Marcel Granollers. Despite losing the first set (mostly before the rain, but lost it after resuming), Federer went to the next gear and dominated Granollers for the win.

Next, my favorite players, Gael Monfils. This time he’s up against his fellow Frenchman Richard Gasquet. I thought this was going to be an exciting, long battle, but that was not the case. Despite a few sprinkles here and there, and Gael’s cries to the chair umpire about safety, he went on to handle Gasquet comfortably and move into the Quarterfinals.

To round up my night I was shooting Grigor Dimitrov, another new player for me. I have watched some of his play here and there, but nothing of significance. I was quite impressed with his play and assertiveness (after recovering from losing the first set 0-6).

It was quite a fun night! I feel quite fortunate that I am able to get paid to bounce between three Men’s Grand Slam tennis matches. I hope to give you guys a feel of my experience being out there, hope it’s working!

Enjoy the images!

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