Night 1 at the 2014 US Open

It’s exciting to be back in Flushing Meadows for my 6th consecutive US Open! Many of my pictures that will appear here (and more!) will be featured on, the official website of the US Open. I will primarily be photographing the main night matches on Arthur Ashe Stadium, allowing me to focus on a single match more than I could in the past. I hope this will create a more dynamic set of pictures from (usually) two matches, instead of several single images from 10 different matches. As in the past, I will be posting my favorite 10 pictures from each evening.

Opening night at the US Open is always an exciting time. There are fireworks, a concert, dancers, light shows, and of course the big name players finally hitting the court. Tonight featured #1 seeded Novak Djokovic and #5 seeded Maria Sharapova. As per expected, both players rolled over their unseeded opponents, resulting in short rallies and quick matches.

Enjoy the images!

More Pictures! (Note: Galleries may feature images from my colleagues)